Breath & Meditation Therapy

Inhale, exhale, recharge and drift away! For the ultimate relaxation experience sit back and relax in our technologically advanced O2 Breathing and Meditation Chairs. The chair guides you to breathe more consciously, slowly and deeply. It gently warms as it goes through guided breathing and meditation exercises leaving you feeling refreshed and rested. Rollers in the back and lumbar area of the chair supports the body to drive breath through the abdomen. The chair’s zero gravity swing is designed to reduce pressure on the spine and the motion helps you to relax. With each inhalation and exhalation, the O2 Chair subtly repositions the body, maximising the amount of oxygen your lungs can take in with every breath. The chair releases highly concentrated oxygen as you relax. Enjoy the full benefits of the chair with our Compression Therapy.

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Promotes deep relaxation

Clears the mind

Reduces tension

Eases muscle stiffness

Helps relieve stress and anxiety

Complete mind and body wellness