Compression Therapy

Accelerate recovery and perform at your best with compression therapy. Compression Therapy is a cutting-edge system that helps athletes recover in between training or competitive events. It’s an effective recovery method following intense workouts as it improves the movement of lymphatic fluids and lactic acids out of your muscles, sending blood flow back to the area to remove toxins and reduce inflammation. Relax in our meditation chair while you’re set up with our compression therapy device, the NormaTec Recovery System. The system consists of compression apparatus that surrounds the legs, arms or hip region. This therapy utilises compressed air to massage your limbs using innovative pulsing technology. The pulsing alternates between different zones improving the movement of fluid out of the limbs. Compression therapy offers superior restoration of muscles and joints following intense training. Overall the system improves circulation and reduces water accumulation.

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Reduces the build-up of lactic acid

Assists with recovery

Flushing the lymphatic system

Decreases inflammation

Improves circulation

Reduces water accumulation

Relieves muscle tightness

Eases joint pressure

Improves performance