Sauna Infra-Red Therapy

Feel the warmth directly targeting your body and rejuvenating your cells as you relax and unwind at our Sydney Infrared Sauna centre right here in Rosebery

Searching for Infrared Saunas near me? At Body WRL Sydney, you can choose between a 2-person or 4-person infrared sauna. 

As your body heats up you perspire impurities and eliminate toxins which strengthens your immune system. You’ll leave with a glowing complexion and improved skin texture.

Whilst enjoying the best infrared sauna in Sydney, you can either relax and unwind or workout with some yoga stretches.

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What is an Infrared Sauna?

Sit back and relax in one of our 2 person or 4 person, state-of-the-art sauna’s and let the harnessed infrared of the sun’s spectrum of light penetrate deep into your skin.

The slow warming of your core body temperature allows you to enjoy your session for longer than a traditional sauna and work your body more efficiently by sweating which provides detoxification, relief from joint pain & arthritis and improving circulation of oxygenated-rich blood.

What does an Infrared Sauna treat?

Infrared sauna’s treat a range of issues and skin conditions by allowing the body to enter the healing state.

It helps with accelerated recovery time for people with active lifestyles, injuries from physical activity and decreases scarring from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

How hot does an Infrared sauna get?

Infrared saunas get as hot as around 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the brand and model.

This high heat is one of the primary reasons an infrared sauna is so beneficial for your health. They help you lose weight, improve your blood pressure, and detoxify your body.

What is a full spectrum infrared sauna?

There are a number of different types of on the market, but a full spectrum infrared sauna is one of the most popular.

A full spectrum infrared sauna uses light waves of different lengths to produce heat. This type of sauna uses a combination of infrared light and heat to create an experience that is said to be more beneficial than traditional saunas.

This type of sauna is said to offer health benefits such as weight loss, blood pressure reduction, and improved skin appearance. Some people also find the experience relaxing and detoxifying.

One of the benefits of using a full spectrum infrared saunas is that it can help with weight loss. The heat generated by the infrared light causes the body to sweat, which can lead to losing water weight.

Additionally, the increased heart rate that comes with being in a full spectrum infrared sauna can also help boost metabolism and burn more calories.

Can Infrared Saunas treat Diabetes?

Infrared Saunas And Diabetes Symptoms

The Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes and Infrared Saunas

There are a lot of good things about infrared saunas. There are many ways for people with diabetes to reduce or control their symptoms. heat therapy from an infrared sauna can cause blood vessels to swell and blood flow to improve when you spend time there. This can be helpful for people with high blood pressure, as regular infrared therapy may lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the main risks for developing or getting worse diabetes-related symptoms.

They can help reduce the risk of heart disease in many ways. Diabetics might be more likely to get which? One of the benefits of infrared treatment is that it can improve endothelial function. This is a condition that is common in diabetics and could be the first sign of arteriosclerosis6, which is the hardening of the arteries.

Since stress can make diabetes worse or cause it to start, regular use of infrared light therapy may lower cortisol levels, bringing blood sugar levels back to normal and making insulin more effective.

Diabetes can cause sores and infections, especially on the feet, that take a long time to heal or don’t heal at all. This can lead to serious problems. Near-infrared therapy can speed up the healing of wounds on the skin, which can happen in some diabetic patients.

Infrared therapy may also help people who are trying to keep their weight steady or lose the weight they have already lost. People who want to keep their weight stable can get help from the treatment. Obesity can cause high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and chronic inflammation, which is one of the main reasons why insulin doesn’t work as well in the liver, muscles, and fat. Because infrared saunas help reduce inflammation, they may also help ease the symptoms of diabetes.

Patients who are at risk of getting diabetes or who already have it need to watch what they eat and stay active. However, both infrared therapy and a healthy diet can help reduce the effects of diabetes and help people stay at a healthy weight.

Am I suitable for an Infrared Sauna treatment?

Infrared Sauna’s are suitable and and can be enjoyed by  everyone; it is particularly helpful to those that suffer from;

  • eczema,
  • psoriasis,
  • burns,
  • lesions and
  • cuts

This treatment also helps relieve acne and reducing scarring on open wounds as it will heal quicker.

What is the difference between a traditional sauna and infrared sauna?

The main difference between traditional saunas and infrared saunas is that infrared saunas use light to create heat, whereas traditional saunas use heated air.

This means that an infrared sauna is more efficient at heating the body, and can provide the same health benefits as a traditional sauna with less time spent in the sauna.

Another benefit is that they are more forgiving on the body. They produce less humidity, so they are easier to breathe in and cause less dehydration.

This also makes them a good choice for people who are overweight or have high blood pressure, as these people may not be able to tolerate the high humidity and heat of a traditional sauna.

How many sessions in an infrared sauna will I need to see results?

The number of sessions you’ll need will depend on what results you’re looking for.

Research indicates that an infrared sauna session can help improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and promote weight loss. For general health benefits, 3-4 sessions per week is a good starting point.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you may need more frequent sessions, and if you’re trying to lower your blood pressure, regular sauna use can help.

You should start to see results after a few weeks of consistent use. And remember, the more often you use your sauna, the more health benefits you’re likely to experience!

However, it’s important to speak with your doctor before starting any new health regimen, including infrared sauna use.

What are the benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy?

There are a number of health benefits associated with infrared sauna therapy, including weight loss, improved blood pressure, and better circulation.

Perfect for post injury recovery and post surgery recovery, leave feeling rejuvenated after your Infrared sauna session with mind & body fulfilment, glowing skin & a boost to the immune system.

Weight Loss

One of the primary benefits of infrared sauna therapy is that it helps the body to lose weight. The heat from the sauna helps to burn calories and to flush out toxins, which can help to promote weight loss.

Reduce Inflammation

Additionally, the sweating that occurs during an infrared sauna session can help to rid the body of toxins, leading to better overall health. Additionally, the increased blood flow can help to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles.

Improved blood pressure

Infrared saunas also help to improve blood pressure. The heat from the sauna helps to dilate arteries and veins, improving blood flow and reducing blood pressure. Additionally, regular sessions in an infrared sauna can help to improve the elasticity of arteries, which can further reduce blood pressure.

Infrared saunas don’t heat the air like traditional saunas, it heats your body directly allowing for more direct tissue, joint & muscle penetration. Whilst warming your body, it’s providing healthy benefits like stimulation of the immune system, lymphatic & cardiovascular system and increasing oxygen flow and circulation.

Feel rejuvenated after your session and use this as a time to relax your mind and release any stress. You will exit having sweated out all impurities and enjoy a shower in our private room leaving with glowing, improved skin texture.

An Infrared sauna will warm the body and relax muscles reducing soreness and muscle spasms while also relieving soft tissue injuries.

It’s known to boost the immune system by detoxification, eliminating toxins through sweating.

Other results include the easing the appearance of cellulite, as the infrared sauna targets the body with heat directly and penetrates further into the tissue and cells, it has been shown to affect the storage of toxins in fat cells.

(Although infrared light is naturally part of the sun’s spectrum of light, it is safe as it does not have harmful rays of UV)

Other Benefits Include:

Feel rejuvenated

Relax and release stress

Reduce muscle soreness and tension

Relieve soft tissue injuries

Detoxify the body

Reduce the storage of toxins in fat cells

Relieves acne

Accelerates injury recovery time

Relief from joint pain and arthritis

Best Infrared Sauna Sydney

Feel the infrared deep penetrating heat directly targeting your body and rejuvenating your cells as you relax and unwind.

At Body WRL Sydney, you can choose between a 2-person or 4-person infrared sauna. Infrared saunas don’t heat the air like traditional saunas, instead it heats your body directly allowing for targeted tissue, joint and muscle penetration.

As your body heats up you perspire impurities and eliminate toxins which strengthens your immune system. Whilst enjoying your infrared sauna, you can either relax and unwind or workout with some yoga stretches.

When selecting the large sauna, you will be able to wash away the sweat and impurities by enjoying a shower to freshen up in your private room. You’ll leave with a glowing complexion and improved skin texture.

What should I bring?

At Body WRL, we’ve taken care of things so there’s no need bring anything specific for your appointment.

We provide still and sparkling water to keep you hydrated, bathrobe & slippers, towels and hair and body products to freshen up.

What should I wear?

There’s no need to wear particular types of clothing to our studio. Come in your work attire, gym gear or casual clothes, the choice is yours!

If you have booked into a Sauna or DreamPod Float, you are welcome to wear your own swimwear,  alternatively we can provide you with disposable underwear. Showers, toiletries and towels are available in our DreamPod Float and Large Sauna Rooms.