The BODY Longevity Club

Our Longevity Membership is your gateway to enhanced health and peak performance. Whether you’re contending with chronic illness, recovering from long COVID, adverse reactions, injuries, or simply aiming to enhance your quality of life, this membership is the compass guiding you towards holistic wellness. With access to a Infra – Red Light Sauna, Airpod, Novothor and Cryotherapy, we believe the power of these therapies will not only address specific health concerns, but elevate your everyday existence. Embrace a membership that doesn’t just promise value but delivers a pathway to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Membership Price: $199 per week. (Save 40%)
Was $332, Save $133.

1 x Weekly 45 minute Airpod
1 x Weekly 15 minute Novothor
1 x Cryotherapy
1 x Weekly 30 minute Red Light Infrared Sauna

Plus receive: 1 x complimentary Body Scan, 1 x complimentary 20 min Meditation Chair per week. Additional single service treatment discounts at 15% off , Body Aesthetic Services at 25% Off.

Minimum 4 week commitment.

Limited availability, Join the Club now.

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Membership Package Sauna Hydro therapy

The BODY Sauna Club

Be calmed by the infrared warmth, sweat out toxins, get glowing skin, speed up your metabolism and combat signs of ageing.

Body Sauna 1
1 X 45 minute Sauna per week = $45 per week.

Body Sauna 2
2 X 45 minute Sauna per week = $79 per week.

Body Sauna Unlimited
Unlimited 45 minute Sauna per week = $99 per week.

Plus receive a complimentary Body Aesthetic trial.

Limited availability, Join the Club now.

Minimum 4 week commitment

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Sauna Membership