Wet Float Therapy

The DreamPod Floatation Tank is the ultimate indulgence and relaxation therapy. Immerse yourself in 1000 Litres of water infused with 500kg of Epsom salts creating a deep calming solution which is heated to 35.5 degrees C to perfectly match your skin temperature.

The luxurious buoyancy created by the dense magnesium salt solution removes the effects of gravity on the body. You’ll experience total sensory deprivation and pure weightlessness as you drift away to blissful relaxation. While all can enjoy the lavishness of wet float therapy, it’s particularly popular during the later stages of pregnancy, long-haul travelers, sufferers of chronic back pain and migraines, and athletes and those recovering from injury. Water hygiene is assured as the float tank is well equipped with several features to maintain its utmost cleanliness. Clients may either wear their own bathers or our supplied disposable attire.


Relieves the symptoms of stress and anxiety

Enhances your mood and promotes the creation of serotonin, the happy hormone

Improves sleep quality

Aids in muscle recovery and tissue regeneration

Relieves muscle tension

The magnesium can remove harmful substances like free radicals from your body