Dry Float Therapy

Enjoy the benefits of float therapy while staying dry. Our ZeroBody Dry Float Bed provides you with full body, mind regeneration and deep relaxation by floating on a luxurious bed of warm water and enjoying a gentle massage with perfectly positioned water jets. All while staying dry! Experience zero gravity weightlessness as you float over 400 Liters of warm water and indulge in the lumbar massage. Are you looking for dry float therapy near me? You can find this little piece of luxury here at Body WRL Sydney. It’s suitable for everyone, especially those on the go as there is no need for showers. Simply relax, unwind and enjoy your session.

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Relieves the symptoms of stress and anxiety

Enhances your mood and promotes the creation of serotonin, the happy hormone

Improves sleep quality

Relieves muscle tension

Remain dry and eliminates the need for a shower following the treatment